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Serge Dos Santos is a ceramic artist living in the south of France. The inspiration inherent in his work is influenced by multiple travels that strengthen and nourish his curiosity. Clay is for Serge a universal language, a medium found in every part of the world that witness how people live and apprehend life. The relationship between form and volume innate in his work is representative of a dialogue between momentum and stillness.

Work statement


The visual experience in my work originates from an avid questioning of my surroundings.

The otherness is the foundation of my artistic process: the character of differences that define, interlace and animate us. The assemblage of a multitude of elements is a parallel for knowledge put together, it symbolizes layers of insights and understanding and illustrates countless experiences that shape us all through out our journey and portray a balance between experimentation and discovery.

The consistent dialogue between materials, thought processes, energies from different time periods and cultures creates an evolution of society.  

The physical manifestation of an object is, for me, attached to new ideas of optimism and the desire to overcome perennial obstacles. Clay is a medium that holds endless challenges and will always be a testimony of societal and individual challenges.


                  2, avenue de Cannes Place Jules Lisnard

                  06220 Vallauris France


                  33 06 23 02 54 56

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